GloCoins is one of a kind rewards program for GloBox customers/subscribers only. GloCoins can be earned from various activities done on our site ( Below are the spending and earning rules for GloCoins.


Earning Rules

  • For every Rs 1 spent on GloBox is equal to 1 GloCoin (Example: If a customer spend Rs 100 on GloBox, she will get 100 GloCoins)

  • Signing up on GloBox = 2000 GloCoins

  • Answering a question for a product asked by another customer = 500 GloCoins

  • Rating a bought product = 500 GloCoins

  • Writing a review for a bought product = 500 GloCoins

  • Referring a Friend = 2000 GloCoins 

Spending Rules

    • 50 coins is equal to Rs 1

    • No Minimum purchase. Use you GloCoins as you like.

    • GloCoins can not be redeemed on Subscription plans.



GloCoins does not expire. You have earned your GloCoins and you can use it whenever you want.



Checkout Terms & Condition page for more details.