About GloBox.in

GloBox is a magical land where angels create beauty potions and the elves make the amazing beauty products from them……… Just Kidding.

GloBox is a team of beauty enthusiasts who aim at providing the best of beauty world to/ bring the best of beauty world to you. We believe beauty is personal and every product won’t suit everyone (cuz we experienced that first hand).  That’s why we search the market to find that perfect product and bring it to your doorstep. 

What do We do?

We search for the best beauty products and find out what will work for whom.  

How Do We Do That?

GloBox’s experts have created a beauty profile which helps them understand the beauty needs of every subscriber/customer. Then our experts work on every profile personally and list the products for them.

How did It All Start?

It started with a late night conversation between two friends, one was rambling about how it is impossible to buy beauty products as nothing ever works for her and the other patiently listening. During that call, she wondered can every girl have a beauty expert with her every time and then things got real. After lots of sleepless nights and cups of coffee, that idea turned into reality and GloBox was born.